November '06 Litter 

 Zoe says "It's Cold Here in Vermont"



Mattie Earp

  Mayhill, New Mexico


San Diego, CA

Birdie Doin' the Dunes

Scrappy in Oklahoma: 6 months old



Ellie Lives in Utah 




Tuff, at 6 months old ... looking cool in the pool!

 Cave Creek Arizona



 'CJ's TUFF Act To Follow': living in Casa Grande, Arizona

" hi ms.cj it's Daniela yes we're taking Zeus to agility classes and he did super!!! now we are building an obstacle course in the backyard for him thanks for again selling the best dog ever in the world! "



 Zeus Jr. Living in Scottdsdale, Arizona

 hi cj,
its matt from sydney australia.
i just click on yr site every now n then for the hell of it. i still love it!
i noticed some new things too, your puppies look more australian than the sydney harbour bridge!! and i also read your promo thing about breeding only true cattle dogs and how you only have 1-2 litters per year. its funny mate but in the first email i ever sent you, i mentioned how people in australia have ruined (by poor breeding stantards) the american pitbull. i just wish the breeders over here had half your heart and half your brains!!!
"ON YA" CJ!!!
on ya is short for "good on ya"......... good on you mate!!! way to go!!! lol !!!

i know you wouldnt swap your 'stars n stripes' for anything but you'd go pretty damn good in australia!! we would claim you as one of our own.....like we tend to do with everyone whos pretty ok!! russel crowe (new zealand)...nicole kidman (hawaii)...mel gibson (usa)...tom cruise (before he went on oprah,usa)...haha you get the picture!!
take care cj!!