CJ's Outback is proud to introduce:

 CJ’s Katie Blue Skye CGC TDI

 DOB: January 26th 2008

  Opti-Gen PRCD Test Results: A normal/clear

On January 26, 2008 about 10:30 AM, Skye was born to Annie and Zeus of CJ’s Outback. Shortly after Skye’s birth, CJ made a call to Linda Lambert to offer the puppy to her. Of course, Linda said yes. On March 23, 2008 (Easter Sunday) Skye moved to her new home with Linda and Lynn, and housemates Cody and Jake. She is the mistress of the household and at 3 months old, rules the whole five acres! Her favorite antic is to wake the household up at 2:30 AM by squeaking her teddy bear. Skye is being trained as a therapy dog and proudly wears her little service coat that states "therapy dog in training".


 Proudly Owned and Trained by Linda Lambert

On February 21, 2009 Skye passed the Therapy Dogs, International's therapy dog evaluation and is now a fully-certified therapy dog. On that same day, she passed the AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. She did this shortly after celebrating her first birthday.  

Skye has made the paper! Along with her predecessor Katie: Skye and Katie Therapy Dogs International

Congratulations Skye and Linda.

6-12-2009 Update
 Dictated by Skye; typed by Mom

Now that summer is here, we've been doing "other" things. Dad and Mom took Ace and me up to Prescott recently for Ace's first official outing as a therapy dog in training. Mom asked me to show Ace how to behave in public. It was a fun Sunday as we all walked through an arts and crafts fair. Ace did okay, but he's not as good as me......yet.

I'm still going to Barnes and Noble every Monday so the kids can read to me. Jake and I go together most times.

Mom took me to the Flagstaff Kennel Club's dog show on June 6 and 7. Flagstaff was really cold and windy all weekend. Mom was kind of apprehensive, because the best cattle dog handlers were there with dogs that were close to getting their champion. Well, let's tell the truth....Mom freaked! We had not shown against them before. Mom had entered me in my first "grown-up" class, so we were showing in the open class for the very first time. I didn't get any points either day, but Mom says she is very pleased at how well I did. I came in second in my class and won reserve bitch both days. Mom says she's thinking about getting me a printed t-shirt that says "I ran with the big dogs and kept up!" <cattle dog grin> Mom and Sam (my pro handler) feel that I did well competing against the older dogs. And they're pleased that I'm so comfortable in the show ring.

As far as Mom knows, there won't be any more dog shows until the fall, so we're taking the summer off.

My Uncle Dana (dad's brother) has been very ill. Grandma Janet, Dad, Mom and I went to visit him in the hospital. It was my very first hospital visit. When we walked in, there were all new smells and a lot of commotion. I stayed close to Mom (she's my security blanket). First we had to go check in with the volunteer coordinator. When we got all the paperwork squared away, we got in the elevator to go see Uncle Dana. Boy, was that weird. A box that has a floor that moves and vibrates! When we got to the floor, the elevator doors opened and everybody turned to look at me! I thought I'd done something wrong at first. So did Mom. Then I got mobbed by nurses, aides and a doctor! There were so many questions flying that I lost track. They wanted me to visit other people on the floor, too. Mom explained that we couldn't, that we were cleared to visit only Uncle Dana. He was not feeling good at all. He reached over to pet me and I hope I helped. The room was small, so Mom and I left so that Dad and Grandma Janet could visit easier. When we left the room, the volunteer administrator was waiting for us. Ooops!!! What did we do? It seems the nurses and doctor called her to get us permission to visit other patients! So we did. I met some very nice people who just didn't feel good. It was nice to see them smile as I walked in. Before we left the hospital, I was asked to come back and be a part of the hospital's therapy dog program. Mom had to decline because it was so far away from home.

So to recap....I had my first dog show where I competed against adult dogs, and I had my very first therapy dog hospital visit. I'm helping with Ace's training, and I go to Tail Waggin' Tutors every Monday with Jake.

I'm one happy, busy little dog and I love every minute of it!


Till next time, your friend....


Lyrics to Skye's Song


Sometimes I think life is just a rodeo,
The trick is to ride and make it to the bell.
But there is a place, sweet as you will ever know
In music and love, and things you never tell.

You see it in their face; secrets on the telephone,
A time out of time, for you and no one else.

Hey, let’s go all over the world
Rock and roll girl
Rock and roll girl

If I had my way, I’d shuffle off to Buffalo;
Sit by the Lake and watch the world go by.
Ladies in the sun listenin’ to the radio
Like flowers on the sand, a rainbow in my mind.

Hey, let’s go all over the world
Rock and roll girl
Rock and roll girl

Hey, let’s go all over the world
Rock and roll girl
Rock and roll girl

Hey, let’s go all over the world
Rock and roll girl
Rock and roll girl

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