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4 Double Masks / 3 Half Masks

3 Boys / 4 Girls

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 All Puppies Guaranteed to be PrCD Clear (A)

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 2019 Puppy prices will range from $800 - $1500

 Exceptional puppies may be higher ($2500)

 Depending on Quality and Markings

I don't breed 'AussieDoodles' or 'Mini' Cattledogs. I strive to produce a sturdy 'Old Fashioned' Hard Working, Australian Cattle Dog. I hand pick my breeding stock and carefully choose the bloodlines. I only have 2 - 3 litters per year. My dogs run in big pastures with grass and trees. They are Happy dogs that are loving life. I had my first litter of AKC ACD's in 1992, and do not raise any other breed of dog. I do this for the love of the breed and to allow a few other people to experience the pleasure of owning this awesome breed of dog. Raised strictly to the AKC Standard, no mixes, no muts!



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 All 'OUTBACK' puppies are registered AKC, come with 2 vaccinations and a schedule for future health care. Puppies can be shipped anywhere in the USA depending on the weather. Lately the airplane ticket is about $225.00 - $325 (American, Alaska & Delta) and you need an air crate, about $65.00; a vet certificate $75.00; and transportation to the airport, $40.00 = $4/500.00 (apx) total. So if you need to ship the puppy, you must consider this cost in addition to the price of the puppy.

40 miles west of Phx: 1 mile south of the I-10 fwy



(Jan 28 2007)

 Hi CJ,
Birdie is fantastic! We hired a trainer to help teach us how to work with her, and he thinks she's one of the best cattle dogs he's ever seen. Thank you for helping us find such a great friend.