Bindi X Zeus Puppies

DOB 7/9/2010


SOLD: Nevada


Rupert is the PERFECT little traveler. He rode the center console nearly the whole way home so he could be with us and see out the windows. What a little trooper. Also, he whined whenever he needed to stop and do his business!

We were picnicking in Wikieup when an Australian couple spotted Rupert. They came right over, identified him as an ACD (from some distance I should add) and we had a great time visiting.

Marti couldn't be happier. It sure makes all the risk-taking worthwhile. That puppy couldn't be more loved.

We both think that pictures don't do him justice. He is handsome to a fault.


SOLD: Utah

C J,
So the puppy arrived safe and sound! The flight was on time and we were on the road 20 minutes later. He is awesome, everything I anticipated. I was immediately impressed with his confidence. He never whimpered or acted afraid-he just sat there looking me in the eyes like, "what's up?" When we got home he ate, drank, played, and is now snoozing away the night!


Above is a recent pic of Achilles. He just spent three weeks elk and deer hunting with me in the Uintah Mountains and loved every minute of it. I repeatedly got comments from ranchers, hunters, and farmers about his good looks, strong face, and great markings.


 SOLD: Phx. AZ


 SOLD : Phoenix




  SOLD: Apple Valley, CA



SOLD: Chicago, IL


SOLD: Carlsbad, CA