This is the combination of vitamins and herbs that build the immune system and are known for combating fungal infections. The amounts given here are suggested for a 60 - 80 pound dog.

Here's the list:

Vitamin C (Ester-C): Try to slowly build your dog up to 3000 IU a day (if tolerated, at least 500 to 1000 IU a day) Use the Ester-C, I use the powdered form. This is an immune builder. The brand I have used is NATROL's Powdered ESTER-C.... one teaspoon yields a whopping 3000 IU, so be careful how you measure it out.

Acidophilus: Get a good brand, keep it in the refrigerator, I bought Nature's Way Primadopholus, it's really potent.

- One in the morning and evening for the first week, then just one a day after that.

Garlic: you might want to try the 'odorless' kind (hehe). Get a potent one.

- Two in the morning, two in the evening. An effective anti-fungal as well as immune builder.

Pau d'Arco: This is an herb, well known for it's anti-fungal properties (also anti-cancer properties).

- Two in the morning, two in the evening.

Echinacea & Astragulus: these are herbs. Known for immune building.

- One to two in the morning, one to two in the evening for two weeks, then stop for two weeks. Keep doing this rotation.

Pycnogenol & Grape Seed Extract: These are herbal extractions. I buy Dr. Linus Pauling brand because his is the only 'reasonably priced' one that is effective. I get it either at the healthfood store or Osco's drug store. These are extremely potent anti-oxidants. (also effective in treatment of ADD/ADHD children)

- One in the morning, one in the evening.