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I understand that the deposit of $100.00 I am submitting is to reserve a puppy from the above litter and the amount I am submitting will be applied to the purchase price of said puppy. The deposit will be refunded or carried over to the next planned litter if there is not a suitable puppy to meet my wants/needs. If I fail to purchase a puppy that fills my request, my deposit will NOT be refunded or carried over. My decision as to which puppy I want must be made by 6 weeks old or sooner. Puppies are ready to go after 8 weeks old and must be picked up by the age of 10 weeks old, unless other arrangements have been made with the breeder. After 10 weeks old, any puppy may be sold to another buyer at the breeder's discretion.
 I understand that the breeder will be accepting a maximum of ten (10) deposits for each litter. My position on the waiting list depends upon the date of initial contact with the breeder along with the date the deposit is received by the breeder. All puppies will be evaluated according to the AKC written standard. There will be a maximum price set on the litter. There 'may' be puppies available at a lesser price than maximum if, in the breeder's opinion, they fall below the AKC standard. The breeder reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone at any time and will return the deposit made.
* * * Visits to see the pups are discouraged prior to puppies having 2 vaccinations. * * *






Make payment to: C J Petersen

Print this form and mail with payment to:


811 S. 348th Ave.

Tonopah, AZ 85354 USA