Boomer X Raisin'

 C J's Cattle Kate, CGC, TDI

 Proudly Owned and Trained by: Linda Kralman-Lambert
 The only Australian Cattle Dog with active status in the Therapy Dog International program.
 On Oct. 22, 1994 Katie participated in her first fun match.
 She came in second to her daddy, C J's Boomer of Buckeye.

Beginning in Sept., 1995, Katie was registered for and has completed several classes at Phoenix Field and Obedience. They are: conformation, and three classes of obedience.

On March 31, 1996, she aced the Canine Good Citizen test. This is a ten part test administered by the American Kennel Club.

On May 13, 2000, Katie was certified as a 'Pet Therapy Dog'. Katie's certification enables her to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities with their permission. She may also receive referrals from medical professionals to help combat post-traumatic stress syndrome, autism, and other medical or mental conditions that might respond to pet therapy interaction. Katie specializes in working with veterans, terminally ill children and the elderly, but is qualified to work with all. She has learned to deal with wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and other medical equipment. This certification entitles Katie to all the rights and privileges of a "therapy dog" and is a nationally-recognized certification.


On October 8, 2000, Katie took the Therapy Dog International examination and passed it with flying colors. Katie is the fourth Cattle Dog to be certified through this program. Two of them have passed on, the third is now retired. This makes Katie the only active Australian Cattle Dog in the Therapy Dog International program. During her weekly visits to a local hospital, Katie has predicted two separate seizures. One of the patients did not have a history of seizures, but shortly after Katie alerted Linda that something was wrong, the patient had a seizure. The second incident related to a patient who had been admitted for a seizure disorder. Again, Katie alerted Linda and about 20 minutes later, the patient had a seizure. Because of Katie's warning, a nurse was in attendance at the time of the seizure. Nov. 18th 2000; Katie has now predicted a 3rd seizure involving a 2 year old boy in the hospital visiting his mother! Katie bolted to the room upon entering the hospital and put her head on this small boys hand. Linda ran in the room after Katie. As Linda was explaining Katie's presence to the Mother, the boys eyes rolled back in his head and he had a seizure then and there. All 3 incidents have now been documented in the hospital records. The Hospital Staff proclaims Katie as having a 'Gift'.

Katie wants everyone to know that she is proud of her Mommy and insisted that her picture be on 'her' web page.

C J's Raisin' Kane

In Memoriam

CJ's Cattle Kate, AKC, CGC, TDIAOV
(Call Name: Katie)
Born May 19, 1994
Died August 20, 2007

It is with deep regret and a sorrowing heart that I tell you of Katie's passing today. She went to the Rainbow Bridge easily with a gentle assist from Dr. John. Her neurological problems deteriorated so rapidly the past two weeks that she could not walk. She was in no physical pain, but she showed so much emotional distress that it was almost as if she had physical pain. It was a hard decision to make, but we were told that at 13 years old, even if we could find a magic solution that was operable, she would not survive the anesthesia. We had to make the decision to love her enough to let her go. This was done after much prayer and soul-searching.

Katie was certified as a Canine Good Citizen through AKC at the age of three months, and went on to be certified as a working therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, International when she was one year old. She attained TDI's highest rating of TDIAOV in her tenth year.

During her 12-year therapy dog career, Katie had a series of firsts. She was the first Australian Cattle Dog in Arizona to be certified. In fact, at the time, she was the "only" Australian Cattle Dog certified in TDI's records. She was an exemplary representative of her breed. Katie's special gift was working with autistic children, but she worked with senior citizens, Alzheimer's patients, cancer patients, abused wives and abused children. She worked in hospital environments, doctors' offices, nursing homes, assisted living homes, halfway houses, and veterans' homes in Arizona and in Illinois. During her therapy dog career, she predicted and alerted to three seizures (all documented by hospital personnel).

Katie is remembered and her life is celebrated by her "parents", Linda and Lynn Lambert, breeder CJ Petersen, veterinarian John Oplinger, as well as siblings (and fellow TDI certified Australian Cattle Dogs) Jessie, Cody and Jake (Katie's nephew).

Katie will be cremated. Plans are to bury her remains in the Kralman family plot next to her "Grandpa" (Linda's Dad) in St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Cemetery in Teutopolis, Illinois at a later date.



If you wish, memorials/contributions may be made in Katie's name to:

Therapy Dogs International
In Memory of Katie, TDIAOV # 010274
88 Bartley Road
Flanders, NJ 07836


Katie's Memory will live on in the spirit of her new prodigy


 DOB: Jan 26 2008 

Proudly Owned and Trained by: Linda Kralman-Lambert

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